Early Entry Concrete Blades

Green Concrete Blades for Early Entry Projects

Early Entry Concrete Blades are the perfect choice for cutting of control joints within one to two hours of concrete finishing. Crafted out of a laser-welded body, these turbo segmented diamond blades have well-defined gullets and provide superior core design for lasting performance. The blades are designed for both dry and wet use on green concrete, so you can get the job done accurately and quickly. 

 Applications:Green Concrete
Features:Turbo Segmented, Gullets, Core Design, Dry/Wet Use
Equipment: Angle Grinders 4" to 9", Circular Saws 4" to 10", Tile Saws, Flat Saws (Green Concrete),Walk Behind Saw (up to 15 HP), Walk Behind Saw (up to 35 HP), Dry Use, Wet Use

see MQ DIAMOND BLADE brochure