Trash Pumps

When it comes to handling large volumes of water laden with debris such as leaves, mud, sludge, and sand, you need a reliable and robust solution. That's where TMS shines, supplying high-quality trash pumps. Our range of trash pumps, including the renowned Multiquip and Wacker Neuson trash pumps, are the go-to choice for efficiently managing challenging water cleanup tasks.

Trash Pumps

Efficient Debris Handling: Multiquip trash pumps and Wacker Neuson trash pumps are engineered to swiftly process debris-laden water. Thanks to their deeper impeller vanes, they can handle larger particles and clogging materials with ease, ensuring uninterrupted operation.

High Flow Rate: These trash pumps are designed for maximum flow efficiency. They can move hundreds or even thousands of gallons per minute, making them ideal for demanding tasks that require rapid water displacement.

Wider Discharge Openings: TMS offers models with wider discharge openings, enabling quicker water ejection and minimizing the risk of clogs. This design sets them apart from other centrifugal pump models on the market.

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Are you ready to take your water management tasks to the next level? TMS provides the best solutions with Multiquip and Wacker Neuson trash pumps. Contact us or explore our range now and experience efficient water movement like never before. Count on us to get the job done right!

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