Stump Bucket

This rugged, quality skid steer stump bucket is designed for extreme conditions such as rock excavation or stump removal. Engineered from top-grade materials and reassembled using advanced welding technology to ensure maximum longevity no teeth will drop off when you need them most. Compatible with all Skid Steer loaders featuring a universal quick attach system, this stump bucket comes in handy for removing unwanted trees, prying rocks out of earthy surfaces & trenches, small demolition project sand any other task requiring heavy machinery lifting power combined with precision accuracy.

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  • With a cantilever design, square bottom, and weld-on teeth with replaceable tips, this bucket is built to last. The MSB 12 is ideal for removing stumps, brush, and other debris. It's also great for leveling and grading.
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    Haugen MSB 12 - Stump Bucket for Skid Steer

    Haugen MSB 12 - Stump Bucket for Skid Steer Skid steer stump buckets are essential tools for landscapers, construction crews, and farmers. These stump bucket for tractors feature a Cantilever design that make stump removal easy.  With...
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