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TMS General Purpose Blade TSG40X - 4" x .070 x 7/8-5/8

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TMS General Purpose Blade TSG40X - 4" x .070 x 7/8-5/8

TMS General Purpose Blade TSG40X - 4" x .070 x 7/8-5/8


gp-icons22.jpgGeneral Purpose Blade, Sintered, 10mm Segments on SG & GP-X, 14mm Segs on GP-G

  • Small-sized, powerful SG40X blade that offers multiple functions.
  • Application: The strategically designed concrete saw blade comes with sharp, powerful edges and grooves to sinter heavy, hard pieces of concrete, cylindrical blocks, and bricks   
  • Usage: Variety of light to medium-duty applications
  • Offers 2-13HP
  • It measures 4" x .070 x 7/8-⅝, making it the ideal-sized concrete saw blade to work on several different surfaces

It’s an excellent investment for construction companies, contractors, and other specialists in this field who need powerful, high-quality blades within a reasonable price point.

Ideal for high-power impact and results, this General Purpose Sintered Blade is a great investment for high-function purposes, and we sell it in bulk and individually.


Item #SpecsSegment Height
SG40X 4" x .070 x 7/8-5/8 10mm
SG45X 4.5" x .070 x 7/8-5/8 10mm
SG50X 5" x .070 x 7/8-5/8 10mm
SG60X 6" x .070" x 7/8-5/8 10mm
SG70X 7" x .085 x DM7/8-5/8 10mm
SG80X 8" x .085 x DM7/8-5/8 10mm
SG90X 9" x .095 x DM7/8-5/8 10mm
SG10X 10" x .110 x DM7/8-5/8 10mm
GP12G 12" x .120 x 1"-20mm 14mm
GP12G20 12" x .120 x 20mm 14mm
GP14G 14" x .120 x 1"-20mm 14mm
GP14G20 14" x .120 x 20mm 14mm

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