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TMS General Purpose Blade TSG45X - 4.5" x .070 x 7/8-5/8

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TMS General Purpose Blade TSG45X - 4.5" x .070 x 7/8-5/8

TMS General Purpose Blade TSG45X - 4.5" x .070 x 7/8-5/8


gp-icons22.jpgGeneral Purpose Blade, Sintered, 10mm Segments on SG & GP-X, 14mm Segs on GP-G:

It’s easy to install, long-lasting, and lightweight, despite packing a punch.

  • SG45X General Purpose Sintered Blade is made of high-quality metal
  • Application: It sinters heavy-duty concrete, blocks, and bricks, breaking them into smaller pieces for easier removal and extraction.
  • Usage: Variety of light to medium-duty applications
  • Offers 2-13HP
  • The SG45X concrete saw blade measures 4.5" x .070 x 7/8-5⁄8 and is compatible with different tools and powerful objects.

Different businesses, including industrial facilities, construction companies, contractors, and other specialists, can invest in our well-designed concrete metal blades through our website.

Manufactured in Thailand, each blade is carefully tested for quality maintenance and guarantees maximum efficacy and impact. 

We’re also offering other General Purpose Sintered Blades that are powerful, efficient, and high-impact, making sintering fast and efficient. Order this concrete saw blade through our website.


Item #SpecsSegment Height
SG40X 4" x .070 x 7/8-5/8 10mm
SG45X 4.5" x .070 x 7/8-5/8 10mm
SG50X 5" x .070 x 7/8-5/8 10mm
SG60X 6" x .070" x 7/8-5/8 10mm
SG70X 7" x .085 x DM7/8-5/8 10mm
SG80X 8" x .085 x DM7/8-5/8 10mm
SG90X 9" x .095 x DM7/8-5/8 10mm
SG10X 10" x .110 x DM7/8-5/8 10mm
GP12G 12" x .120 x 1"-20mm 14mm
GP12G20 12" x .120 x 20mm 14mm
GP14G 14" x .120 x 1"-20mm 14mm
GP14G20 14" x .120 x 20mm 14mm

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