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TMS General Purpose Blade TTB40X – 4" x .080 x 7/8-5/8

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TMS General Purpose Blade TTB40X – 4" x .080 x 7/8-5/8

TMS General Purpose Blade TTB40X – 4" x .080 x 7/8-5/8


gp-icons22.jpgStandard sintered continuous Turbo rim blade for clean cutting concrete and masonry materials. 10mm Rim.

  • Sintered turbo segments for precise cutting
  • 10mm segments for deeper cuts
  • Turbo rim gives smoother finish
  • Diamond saw blade applications: concrete, blocks, brick
  • Compact size of 4 inches for general purpose cutting

Designed for light to medium-duty projects, the TB40X concrete cutting blades help you get the smooth cuts you want. Get faster cuts and less chipping with these concrete saw blades.

Order the TB40X diamond saw blades via our online store or website. Feel free to contact our team for further details about this or other products. Register Now

Item #SpecsSegment Height
TB40X 4" x .080 x 7/8-5/8 10mm
TB45X 4.5" x .085 x 7/8-5/8 10mm
TB50X 5" x .085 x 7/8-5/8 10mm
TB60X 6" x .085 x 7/8-5/8 10mm
TB70X 7" x .095 x DM7/8-5/8 10mm
TB80X 8" x .100 x DM7/8-5/8 10mm
TB90X 9" x .100 x DM7/8-5/8 10mm
TB10X 10" x .110 x DM7/8-5/8 10mm
TB12X 12" x .110 x 1"-20mm 10mm
TB14X 14" x .125 x 1"-20mm 10mm

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