Diamond Blades


With a variety of Diamond Tools & Abrasive Blades available TMS Equip can ship you the blades you need to complete your job on time faster than anyone else in the business.

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Diamond Blade

For cutting concrete, masonry, ceramic or glass materials. There are two types of diamond blades:

  1. Wet-Cutting Blades: Ideal for heavy duty outdoor applications, detail work and precision cuts. Excellent for cutting very hard materials. Uses water to cool the blade. Reduce dust when you cut.
  2. Dry-Cutting Blades: Ideal for indoor applications. Dry-cutting blades have heat-resistant segment welds that don't require the use of water. Typically used on handheld saws that have low horse power. Shop Dry-Cutting Diamond Blades

Segmented Blade

Has gullets between each segment in the rim the saw blade. For making rough cuts that don't require a finished look.

Continuous Rim Blade

Has no break in the rim of the blade. For wet cutting of various tile types, including ceramic, marble and granite.

Abrasive Blade

For cutting masonry and tile materials. Made of bonded abrasive materials (such as minerals, carbide) for strength and durability. Many abrasive blades can also cut metal and steel.