EDCO E 64308 - Spacer, Blade 6″OD X 1.5″ID X .930T (CPU-10FC)

E 64308
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EDCO E 64308 - Spacer, Blade 6″OD X 1.5″ID X .930T (CPU-10FC)

This quality spacer features a 6 inch outside diameter, a 1.5 inch inside diameter and a .930T thickness that is specifically designed to be used on CPU-10FC machines. It will provide a professional, precise finish for all your projects, ensuring that all components are in just the right place as needed.
The durable construction ensures that this spacer will last you through countless jobs while providing reliable use each and every time. With an easy installation process and hassle free operations, you can save time with this product so that you can focus on completing the job quickly and efficiently.


SPACER, BLADE 6″OD X 1.5″ID X .930T. This is a spacer for the CPU-10FC machine.



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