EDCO E 39810 - 8″x.250×1.5 Diamond Blade (CPU-10FC)

E 39810
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EDCO E 39810 - 8″x.250×1.5 Diamond Blade (CPU-10FC)

Make the most efficient cut possible with  8" Diamond Blade. Compatible with our CPU-10FC, this blade is sure to provide a powerful and precise cut every time. The blade is made of diamond segments that quickly break down the toughest materials for easy disposal. With its 8" x .250 x 1.5 size, it ensures an excellent finish to all your projects. It is perfect for cutting brick, concrete, tile, stone, and other hard materials quickly while creating smooth edges. Thanks to its dense core and high strength construction, this blade is extremely long lasting and durable.

Diamond Blade

8″ x .250 x 1.5



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