EDCO 72040 - 7″ Scarifier Disc Assembly

E 72040
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EDCO E 72040 - 7″ Scarifier  Disc Assembly

The 7" Flex Head Assembly with Cropped Shroud is the perfect solution for maintenance and repair in hard to reach areas. The innovative design of this product features a flex-head assembly that provides users with greater range of motion to access those difficult job sites. It also features a cropped shroud that protects yourself and others from harmful debris and dust. In addition, this assembly has durable stainless steel construction for incredible strength and can accommodate up to 14 blades for ultra versatility. With the 7" Flex Head Assembly with Cropped Shroud, you get maximum flexibility, optimal protection, and superior strength making it the perfect choice for any project big or small.

7″ Scarifier Disc Assembly

Use on Rigid Head only


7″ Turbo/Edge Grinder, TMC-7


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