Haugen Wireless Monitor HA-SW-HHP - Swivel Hook with Smart Hook for Telehandler

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Haugen HA-SW-HHP - Wireless Monitor, Swivel Hook with Smart Hook for Telehandler

This heavy-duty product is designed to slip over your fork tines and hold a hook at 24” on center – offering up to 14,000 lbs of capacity. Featuring a battery life of 60 hours continuous use (at 14 F° to 122°F temperature range), this monitor also provides coverage for up to 2,300 feet. With large numbers and accuracy within +/- 1%, you can rest assured that weight is displayed precisely and updates every 3 seconds. It also has an IP 65 environmental protection level so it’s weatherproof. Additionally, the load shackle comes with an impressive battery life of 1,200 hours and transmission distance of 2,300 feet with 10 lbs resolution – ensuring the utmost safety when operating your telehandler or forklift. All these features are available in a convenient padded carrying case so you can take your swivel hook wherever you need it.

Swivel Hook with Smart Hook

  • 14,000 lbs. capacity
  • Slips over your fork tines
  • Holds a hook at 24” on center
  • Know how much your load weighs and consult your load chart before extending the boom on your telehandler
  • Easily fits onto any telehandler or forklift


  • Battery life is 60 hours continuous use
  • Operating temperature = (-10 to +50 C°; 14 to 122° F)
  • Range is 2,300 feet
  • Environmental protection IP 65
  • Large numbers
  • Displays in pounds or tonne
  • Live load
  • Updates every 3 seconds
  • Comes with a padded carrying case

Load Shackle

  • The smart hooks accuracy is <+/- 1.0%
  • Battery life is 1,200 hours continuous use
  • Operating temperature = (-10 to +50° C; 14 to 122° F)
  • Environmental protection level is IP 67
  • Transmission distance 2,300 feet (clear line of sight)
  • 10 lbs. resolution
HA-WLS 6.5T 6.5 Tonne Load Shackle - This load shackle can be used with
Bluetooth or a Wireless Monitor
12 lbs.
HA-SW-HHP Wireless Monitor 5 lbs.
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