Haugen MTH 459 - 4'x5'x9' Size (HxDxW), 6.5 cu. yd. Capacity, Trash Hopper for Telehandlers

MTH 459
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Haugen MTH 459 -4'x5'x9'Size (HxDxW), 6.5 cu. yd.Capacity, Trash Hopper for Telehandlers

 The Haugen MTH 459 is a 4'x5'x9' size trash hopper for telehandlers featuring a 6.5 cu. yd. capacity, ideal for any job site clean-up or roofing material removal project. This lightweight and highly durable hopper offers maximum efficiency with its fork pockets, which are 48" deep and designed to fit tines up to 2.5" thick X 7.5" wide; and secure it to the pallet Rork frame via a shurlock hook with chains attached. With its easy installation process – it "slips over your pallet forks" - the Haugen MTH 459 makes any day on the job easier, so you can save on time and effort while still getting professional results every time.


  • Fits Telehandlers, "Slips over your pallet Fort Kines"
  • High Capacity Hoppers
  • Fork pockets are 48" deep and will fit tines up to 2.5" thick X 7.5" wide
  • Chain equipped with a shurlock hook to secure the hopper to the pallet fork frame.
  • Generally used for site clean-up and roofing material removal





MTH 455 4'x5'x5' 3.5 cu. yd. 730 lbs
MTH 457 4'x5'x7' 5.0 cu. yd. 920 lbs
MTH 458 4'x5'x8' 5.7 cu. yd. 1020 lbs
MTH 459 4'x5'x9' 6.5 cu. yd 1135 lbs
1,135.00 LBS