Haugen HIRB 76 - 905 lbs., 18 Tines , 76'' Bucket Width, Industrial Rod Bucket for Skid Steer.

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Haugen HIRB 76 - 905 lbs., 18 Tines , 76'' Bucket Width, Industrial Rod Bucket for Skid Steer.

The Haugen HIRB 76 is the perfect bucket for all your industrial and construction needs. With its robust design, it can handle everything from rocks to dirt. The tines are 1 inch thick x an 1.5 inch tall and are spaced 3 inches apart - excellent visibility is provided even in the toughest of working environments. The heavy-duty replaceable teeth make this product unparalleled compared to other products on the market, while its size makes it a viable option for all sorts of projects. The Haugen HIRB 76 has a width of 76" and an impressive weight of 905 lbs, as well as 18 tins to provide optimal digging performance. By choosing the Haugen HIRB 76, you can be sure that you're getting an industrial rod bucket that's reliable and durable enough to tackle any job - big or small.

Industrial Rod Buckets

  • The Industrial Rod Bucket is ideal for digging
     up rocks and sifting through dirt
  • Tines are 1 inch thick x an 1.5 inch Tall
  • Tine spacing is 3 inches
  • Excellent visibility
  • Heavy duty replaceable teeth
  • Available sizes 76" and 84" 
Model# of TinesTine SizeBucket WidthWeight
HIRB 76 18 1" x 1.5" 76" 905 lbs
HIRB 84 20 1" x 1.5" 84" 995 lbs
905.00 LBS