TMS Tuck Point Blades TSTK80-375 - 8" x .375 x 7/8-5/8

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  • Tuck Point Blades: Expertly crafted for grout refurbishment, these blades stand out in their capability to refresh and rejuvenate masonry work.
  • Primary Uses: Beyond the basic cleaning of the grout, they are essential for routing cement mortar in masonry wall joints and for prepping surfaces for the application of fresh mortar.
  • Common Users: With their specialized design and durability, they are highly preferred by masonry professionals, restoration specialists, and commercial renovation companies that demand nothing but the best tools.
  • Design: One of their notable features is the unique V-shape which comes with a segment height of 12mm. This design ensures precise and efficient work every single time.
  • Quality: The blades are of superior grade, enriched with a high diamond concentration which not only enhances their cutting ability but also ensures extended blade life.
  • Purpose: With a primary focus on perfection, they are perfect for efficiently and effectively cleaning out deep-seated cracks in concrete

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Item #SpecsSegment Height
STK40-375T 4" x .375 x 5/8-11 (threaded) 12mm
STK40-375 4" x .375 x 5/8-7/8 12mm
STK50-375 5" x .375 x 7/8-5/8 12mm
STK70-375 7" x .375 x DM7/8-5/8 12mm
STK80-375 8" x .375 x 7/8-5/8 12mm
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