TMS Concrete Diamond Blade TCC12X - 12" x .110 x 1"-20mm

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gp-icons22.jpgPremium, Soft Bond laser welded. 10mm Segments

  • One of the most high-quality, laser-welded blades, the CC12X is a high-performing concrete-masonry saw blade.
  • Application: This blade has a laser-welded mold, making it ideal to sinter and cut through hard materials, brick, and block, as well as light-duty reinforced concrete and pavers.
  • Usage: Ideal for medium to heavy-duty jobs for sintering light-duty concrete and brick.
  • Offers 2–15HP
  • This model’s specifics are 12" x .110 x 1"-20mm, making it ideal for cutting through hard materials. You can use it with high-speed saws & low HP walk-behind saws.

The CC12X  General Purpose laser welded diamond saw blade is one of our most popular concrete-masonry blades, ensuring quality performance at every stage. It’s produced in Thailand, ensuring the highest quality and performance for an affordable price. Place your order for a single blade or in bulk, or contact us if you’d like to know more about our range. Register Now

Item #SpecsSegment Height
CC10X 10" x .110 x DM7/8-5/8 10mm
CC12X 12" x .110 x 1"-20mm 10mm
CC12X20 12" x .110 x 20mm 10mm
CC14X 14" x .125 x 1"-20mm 10mm
CC14X20 14" x .125 x 20mm 10mm
CC16X 16" x .140 x 1"-20mm 10mm
CC16X20 16" x .140 x 1"-20mm 10mm
CC18X 18" x .140 x 1" 10mm
CC20X 20" x.155 x 1" 10mm
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