Haugen HSP-120-STL - Steel Cutting Edge, 120" Snow Pusher for Skid Steer.

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Haugen HSP-120-STL -120" Snow Pusher, Steel Cutting Edge for Skid Steer.

 Make clearing snow off your property easier and more efficient with the Haugen HSP-120-STL -120" Snow Pusher , Steel Cutting Edge Snow Pusher for  Skid Steer. Our heavy-duty snow pusher is thirty inches tall and thirty eight inches deep, giving you ample space to clear your pathways and sidewalks. The skid-shoes are made out of AR-400, while the sides plates are an impressive 3/8" thick. The whole apparatus also features a powder coat finish that provides an extra layer of corrosion protection in the face of bad weather conditions. Another noteworthy feature is its optional pull back, making it easier and more effective when pushing the snow away. Where our snow pusher really shines is with its cutting edges. Both sides contain a reversible edge—the rubber edge measures 1.50" x 10", adjustable by itself or through adjusting the skid shoe; on the other side lies a steel edge measuring 1/2" x 6", adjustable through raising or lowering the skid shoe.

 Snow Pusher

Skid Steer Snow Pusher

  • 30 inches tall and 38 inches deep
  • Skid-Shoes are made of AR-400
  • Heavy Duty 3/8" Sides Plates
  • Powder Coat Finish
  • Optional Pull Back

Rubber Cutting Edge 

  • The rubber edge is 1.50" x 10" and it is adjustable and reversible.
    The edge can be adjusted by itself or by adjusting the Skid Shoe.

Steel Cutting Edge

  • The steel edge is a 1/2" x 6" reversible cutting edge. This is adjusted
    by raising or lowering the Skid Shoe. This makes it a fast and easy
  • ModelDescriptionCutting EdgeHeight/Depth
    HSP-84-RUB 84" Skid-Steer Snow Pusher Rubber 30"/38"
    HSP-96-RUB 96" Skid-Steer Snow Pusher Rubber 30"/38"
    HSP-120-RUB 120" Skid-Steer Snow Pusher Rubber 30"/38"
    HSP-84-STL 84" Skid-Steer Snow Pusher Steel 30"/38"
    HSP-96-STL 96" Skid-Steer Snow Pusher Steel 30"/38"
    HSP-120-STL 120" Skid-Steer Snow Pusher  Steel 30"/38"

    The Snow Pusher equipped with the Pull Back option is a great
     tool for cleaning close to doors and    buildings. GREAT visibility!!

    Optional Pull Back
  • ModelDescription
               HP-84-STL                            84" Pull Back with Steel Edge
               HP-96-STL                            96" Pull Back with Steel Edge
               HP-120-STL                             120" Pull Back with Steel Edge
               HP-84-RUB                             84" Pull Back with Rubber Edge
               HP-96-RUB                             96" Pull Back with Rubber Edge
               HP-120-RUB                            120" Pull Back with Rubber Edge
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