Wacker Neuson DPU90r - 30.3" width, 20,233 lb CF, Kohler Diesel, Reversible, Remote, Compatec

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Remote-controlled vibratory plate with diesel engine, electric starter and Compatec (compaction control inkl. Machine protection) for the highest requirements on performance, sturdiness and operating comfort in soil compaction. Operating width 770 mm.

Heavy remote-controlled vibratory plate with outstanding properties in terms of maneuverability, operating comfort, sturdiness and transport. Ideal for working in trench applications and sheeting and bracings.

  • Vibratory plate with unique steering behavior: Very easy to steer due to the remote control with two joysticks. Travel speed and rotation possible simultaneously, allowing for accurate turning of curves and a fast working speed
  • Large infrared receiver eye, well-protected from damage: Gives when impacted or folds in
  • Time-tested and proven safety features of infrared receiver eye technology: Proximity (nearness) recognition sensor protects the operator, machine standstill if the clear line of sight is interrupted
  • Remote control in the unit can be charged under lockable hood
  • Low overall height for compact working and transport dimensions
  • Sturdy, two-piece steel frame hood, lockable
  • Fold-down lifting eye, optimally shaped for using various tackle
  • Start at the push of a button, automatic start after the warm-up phase prevents a cold start that stresses the machine
  • Operator's panel, 12 languages available: Electronic operating displays, diagnostic menu, including for battery voltage, engine speed, coolant temperature, error memory
  • Compatec: Easy to understand display for compaction control with 8 LEDs, incl. machine protection sensor, which protects the machine from overload when driving on hard sub-surface. Programmable behavior: Warning flashing, RPM reduction or shutdown of the machine
  • Programmable anti-theft PIN
  • Hood can be opened without tools by swinging open, offers quick and spacious access to all control and maintenance parts
  • Large air filter for long service life
  • Large tank, fill level can be seen from outside
  • Quiet liquid-cooled engine
  • Four large tie-downs on the base plate, very easily accessible, even from outside of the loading area

Optionally also available with Compatec (compaction control).

Cooling fluid type SAE J1034:Wasser (1:1) SAE J1034:Wasser (1:1)
Exciter oil volume 1,69 qt US 1,60 l
Hydraulic fluid type Renolin MR 520 Renolin MR 520
Tank capacity 1,9 gal US 7,20 l
Hydraulic fluid volume 18,7 qt US 17,7 l
Cooling fluid volume 3,5 qt US 3,30 l
Exciter oil type 75W-90 API GL-4 75W-90 API GL-4
ENGINE Imperial Metric
Inclined position max. 25,0 ° 25,0 °
Engine operating mode four-stroke four-stroke
Carburettor type dry air filter dry air filter
Operating Engine speed 3.350 1/min 3.350 1/min
Fuel consumption 0,7 GPH US 2,70 L/hr
Starter Voltage 12 V 12 V
Battery Size BCI Group Kohler Kohler
Standard (Power max.) ISO 3046 IFN ISO 3046 IFN
Standard (Effective power) ISO 3046 IFN ISO 3046 IFN
Tank capacity 1,9 gal US 7,20 l
Nominal Engine speed 3.350 1/min 3.350 1/min
Effective power 14,3 hp 10,7 KW
Oil filling max. 0,4 gal US 1,60 l
Battery capacity (nom. value) 50 Ah 50 Ah
Air cleaner dry air filter dry air filter
Power rating max. 15,7 hp 11,7 KW
Cooling water-cooling water-cooling
Exhaust-gas limit US:EPA4 final+Diretive97/68/EG US:EPA4 final+Diretive97/68/EG
Oil specification SAE 10W-40 SAE 10W-40
Starter battery Voltage 12 V 12 V
Engine speed (Power max.) 3.600 1/min 3.600 1/min
Starter type E-starter E-starter
Upper idling speed ex load 3.450 1/min 3.450 1/min
Operating power 13,1 hp 9,8 KW
Oil filling min. 0,4 gal US 1,60 l
Engine type Diesel engine Diesel engine
Cylinder 2 2
Engine Manufacturer Kohler Kohler
Standard (Operating power) ISO 3046 IFN ISO 3046 IFN
Cylinder capacity 41,9 Inch3 686 cm3
Fuel Diesel EN 590 Diesel EN 590
Oil volume incl. filter change 0,4 gal US 1,60 l
Vibrations 3.780 1/min 3.780 1/min
Gradeability 34,0 % 34,0 %
Transmission ELHY ELHY
Centrifugal force 20.233 lbf 90,000 kN
Vibrations (Hz) 63 Hz 63 Hz
Area capacity 13.928,6 ft2/h 1.294 m2/h
Forward Running 1,5 fps 28,00 m/min
HYDRAULIC Imperial Metric
Operating pressure hydraulics 2.146,0 psi 148,0 bar
max. perm. hydraulic pressure 3.335,0 psi 230,0 bar
RESERVE 2,00 h 2,00 h
Available voltages 1~ Ni-MH 7,2V/2000mAh Ni-MH 7,2V/2000mAh
Remote Control Bat. Capacity 8 h 8 h
Coding options 65,6 Foot 20 m
Recommended Battery Typ Ni-MH 7,2V/2000mAh Ni-MH 7,2V/2000mAh
Charging Time 2,00 h 2,00 h
Remote Control Range 65,6 Foot 20 m
Operating temperature range 14 - 122 °F -10 - 50 °C
Sound level LpA (Standard) EN 500-4 EN 500-4
Sound power LWA, guaranteed 109,0 dB(A) 109,0 dB(A)
Storage temperature range -4 - 122 °F -20 - 50 °C
Sound level LpA 83,0 dB(A) 83,0 dB(A)
Sound power LWA (Standard) EN 500-4, 2000/14/EG EN 500-4, 2000/14/EG
Sound power LWA, measured 108,0 dB(A) 108,0 dB(A)
Operating weight 1.596,1 lb 724,0 kg
Ground clearance 32,7 " 830 mm
Height 32,8 " 833 mm
Width 30,3 " 770 mm
Length Drawbar in op. pos. 47,5 " 1.207 mm
1,596.10 LBS