Multiquip GBX24B - 2400W, Diffused Balloon LED Light Tower Mounted on Towable Trailer

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The GBX24B Balloon LED GloBug Light Tower is one of the most powerful and compact mobile diffused lighting systems in the industry. The unique 2400 W LED balloon lamp provides 360° dominant glare-free lighting over 225 ft and 399,000 lumen. The unit is powered by the poular and efficient EPA/CARB certified KUBOTA Z482 diesel engine that provides an operating time of 140 hours. The easy raise/lower vertical mast assembly extends to a max height of 27 ft and has a stowage height of 7.2 ft. The trailer frame is DOT/NHSTA approved and has forklifft pockets and four adjustable jack stands. 

  • 2400W LED Balloon Lamp  
  • Circular glare-free lighting over 225’ 
  • Exceptional 399,000 lumen output 
  • Lighting rated at 5,700 Kelvin  
  • Multi-sectional aluminum vertical mast – for strength and corrosion resistance 
  • Easy mechanical raise/lower system 
  • 45 Gallon fuel capacity provides 140 operating hours of light 
  • Powered by a trusted and highly efficient KUBOTA Z482 diesel engine 
  • Four adjustable jack stands to ensure level stability 
  • Wind limitations to 43 MPH
Unit Specifications
Engine KUBOTA Z482 diesel 2-cylinder 
HP/RPM  6.1 at 1,800
Fuel Capacity 45 gal
MAX Run Time  140 hours 
Lamp Type 2400W LED Balloon Lamp
Total Lumens 399,000 
Generator MeccAlte, Brushless 
Trailer Towable DOT/NHSTA approved 
Mast Aluminum multi-sectional 
Mast MAX Height  27 ft
MAX Wind Limitations 43 MPH
Shipping Weight 1,366 lb
Dimensions (Stowed) 5.7x4x7.2 ft
Notice: Features and equipment specifications are subject to change without notice.
1,366.00 LBS