Genie Lift GL-8 - w/std base - Lifting Height: 10 ft 5in, Height stowed: 5 ft 7.5 in, Load Capacity: 400 lbs

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With three base models and many accessories to choose from, the Genie® Lift™ is ideal for
all your material handling needs. From the GL™-4 that lifts up to 500 lb (227 kg) to 5 ft 11 in
(1.80 m) to the GL-12 that lifts up to 350 lb (159 kg) to heights up to 13 ft 9.5 in (4.2 m), the
Genie Lift is perfect for a variety of jobs. The Genie Lift is well suited for shipping/receiving,
lifting heavy material to or from shelves, installing and repairing HVAC components, lifting
and moving automotive parts, transporting computer and server components, as well as
other manufacturing applications. Compact and versatile, this unit is also easily loaded in a
pickup truck for convenient transport.

Standard Base
Compact design allows you to lift and maneuver in congested work
areas. Great for general lifting and material delivery. Low loading
height (GL-4, GL-8 shown here with optional pneumatic rear wheels).


Straddle Base
Adjustable base legs straddle
loads or fixed objects up to
36 in (91 cm) wide. Perfect for
lifting small pallets, appliances
and other bulky objects
(GL-4, GL-8, GL-10, GL-12).

Counterweight Base
Short leg length lets you get
close to your load. Excellent for
accessing loads on countertops
or shelves above fixed objects.
Designed for use on level
surfaces (GL-4, GL-8, GL-10).

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