EDCO CD-3 - 3-Head Crete-Crusher - Compressed Air, 100 PSI

E 63200
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EDCO 3-Head Crete-Crusher - Compressed Air, 100 PSI

The EDCO 3-Head Crete-Crusher is a powerful machine designed for fast and effective concrete removal. With its three hammer points, it can quickly and efficiently remove spalling or laitance concrete, as well as recap floors. The CD3 removes concrete up to 200 square feet per hour, making it a great choice for surface removal, leveling, texturing, and grooving tasks. It also features a vacuum port for dust-free operation and an automatic in-line lubricator (oiler) for extended tool life.


  • Removes up to 250 sq.ft. per hour at Depth Per Pass of 1/4″
  • Delivers 1,200 hits per minute for fast surface removal
  • Requires only 100 CFM at 100 PSI Heavy-duty 1/4″ steel frame
  • 2″ Vacuum Port for dust-free operation Automatic in-line lubricator (oiler)
  • WHIPCHECK Cable assures safe air hose hookup
  • Three, 5 Point Carbide Bits included

Product Applications 

  • Surface & Marking Removal
  • Surface Leveling
  • Surface Texturing & Grooving

Product Specifications 

Part #  63200
Power  Compressed Air 
CFM 160 – 160 CFM
Length 41.5"
Width 21"
Height 37"
Weight 165 lbs


218.00 LBS