Diamond Metal Cutting Blade.

Diamond metal cutting blade.

The Diamond Metal Cutting Blade is a premium grade tool designed to cut through a variety of materials including steel, glass, tile, concrete, masonry, and stone. Its multiple cutting applications make it perfect for hard-to-reach areas on all types of construction projects. It is a great choice for use with chop saws, hand-held gas and electric cut off saws, masonry saws, and flat saws. Whether you're using this cutting blade for dry or wet cuts, you'll be impressed by its precise performance and long-lasting durability. Our Diamond Metal Cutting Blade is an ideal addition to your equipment arsenal if you're looking for accuracy and strength.


 Applications: Steel, Glass, Tile, Metal, Concrete, Masonry & Stone

Features: Premium Grade, Dry/Wet Use
Equipment: Chop Saw, Hand Held Cut Off Saw (Gas), Hand Held Cut Off Saw (Electric), Masonry Saw, Flat Saw, Dry Use, Wet Use

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